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We aim to "live" in the wilderness, rather than "survive" it to get back to civilization.

Our programs focus on re-kindling and applying the practical skills based on ancient knowledge, experiencing the inter-dependency necessary in community living, and nurturing an appreciation for the Earth as a living organism. We do this through intensive hands-on wilderness living skills training, teaching people how to harvest and transform the gifts of nature for everyday needs such as tools, fire, shelter, food.... in a conscientious and sustainable manner, as the ancients did.

The skills:

  • basic skills; fire making and bindings

  • Stone flakes and fire kits
  • wild edible and medicinal plants
  • large animal processing
  • bow and arrow making
  • hunting and trapping methods
  • fishing techniques 
  • rawhide
  • hide tanning
  • clothing and moccasin making
  • stone and bone tools
  • horse riding, packing and driving
  • basketry
  • pottery
  • shelters
  • Teaching bow-drill
  • ecology and nature awareness

What we offer:

Four Seasons Prehistoric Project is a small school located in North Central Washington. Our goal is to offer high quality instruction in Stone Age living skills to give people the confidence to live in the wilderness simply yet comfortably.

We are experienced and passionate about
not just teaching the skills but making them a part of our daily life. This school is not our job; it's our way of life. We live simply, wear buckskin clothing, and eat wild foods, happy to live in a sustainable, respectful manner.

First friction fire!

We offer small classes limited to 10-15 participants so that people can get the individual attention necessary to learn the skills effectively.

We've spent a long time thinking about the sequences of skills taught in our classes so that you can experience how the tools you make are used in their appropriate context. For instance, we will teach you how to make stone tools, then let you use them in a variety of tasks throughout the rest of classes so that you can test their effectiveness when used properly.

Pressure flaking stone knife

We strongly believe that learning primitive living skills is best done by being immersed in a primitive living setting. Therefore, participants stay at a primitive camp where meals are cooked on an open fire, water is carried from the nearby creek, and people tell stories or play music around the campfire as entertainment.

Families and children help create a village atmosphere

Moreover, we give you time to get acquainted to new tools and materials, letting you gain experience and comfort with things that maybe unfamiliar.

So come Live Wild and help make the world a better place. 

For schedule information, send us an email

Let's Do It!

The Living wild School exists on 5 acres of beautiful river front land in the foothills of the North Cascade mountains in Eastern Washington State.

After several years running the school with the help and support of my students and interns I am now ready to evolve into a full time small community.
Open to families, couples or individuals interested in developing community and practicing/sharing primitive skills within a continuing education environment.

Preferred: past students, friends, interns with whom I have already developed a relationship.


  1. This is something I always felled I had to do. Unfortunately I live in Belgium and not have the meanings to come to USA. Therefor I'm on the travel on my own in surge for this wisdom.

  2. I think you are an amazing woman! I totally admire your strength and knowledge in living as the creator intended us (In harmony and respect with nature). Today no one cares about all of the garbage we clutter our earth with or the toxins we put into our waters or excessive consumption of our resources including plants and animals to the point of total extinction. They don't respect the source of their prepackaged food or feel anything for the sacrifice made of the animals life to overfill their stomach. They don't even know where it came from. I organic farm and even thank the plants for their sacrifice as well as chickens for the eggs.Everyone of us should go on a journey like this once in our life to appreciate mother earth more before its too late! I for one would like to join in this experience if only for a short while to learn the old ways of all of our ancestors. Can you please tell me if you are still having the emersion experiences.

    if so more info please.

  3. Please more info on the 4 seasons submersion into stone age. my last post did not show my name.

  4. Are you still doing these schools/immersion sessions, and if so what are the costs and when do you typically start a new session or group

  5. Never mind the last comment I just answered my own question. I hadnt noticed the little menu button for your site when I was scrolling through the pictures

  6. Never mind the last comment I just answered my own question. I hadnt noticed the little menu button for your site when I was scrolling through the pictures

  7. Are you still doing these schools/immersion sessions, and if so what are the costs and when do you typically start a new session or group

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  11. It's such an amazing thing. And you're a great person.
    If I could just come to your country, I would do that this very second. But I'm from Poland, I can barely speak English and I have no money for this kind of travel. The only thing I can do is just try to live that way as much as I can in my country.
    Have a nice day

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