2015 Classes


We are running a series of 7-day Intensive classes  throughout the year.

To reserve class space send $100 check or money order to:
 Lynx Vilden P.O Box 1325, Twisp, WA 98856

For more information email lynxvilden (at) gmail.com 

Classes include two meals per day and all materials supplied unless otherwise stated.
Bring tent, sleeping bag and clothes suitable for seasonal conditions,  
(further gear list  with registration.)
A $100 non-refundable deposit will reserve a space in the class, class space is limited so early registration is recommended.

The Basic Skills Class is designed especially for beginners, though more skilled participants can also gain a lot from a class that focuses on stone tool use. Other classes demand some prior experience with crafting and outdoor living.

All classes are held on private land.

Please no pets, alcohol or smoking.

 SUMMER 2015


May 29-31 (Twisp USA)

  • Learn how to harness and work with small draft horses
  • Logging and driving a single horse
  • Make your own halters and lead rope
  • Bareback riding
  • Packing
  • Lots of fun with sweet, well-trained animals
  • Fundamentals of horse training

June 1- 30

The focus for this month long class is on preparation of the main wild food plants of
the western mountains and plains.

The foods we harvest will provide sustenance to our meals each day and to the participants in the Four Seasons Living Wild Project that starts in September.

Identification of edible and medicinal plants.

Sustainable and ethical harvesting.

Preservation and cooking techniques.

This class will give you the time and knowledge to gather the root foods that can sustain a hunter-gatherer clan through a winter.

We will gather and process: spring beauties, yellow bells, blue camas, wild onions, bitteroots, lomatiums, balsam root seeds, nettles, bryoria lichen and more.
Steam bake in a pit oven and savor the power and energy inherent in wild foods.

Students will be responsible for providing their own foods that are not harvested from the wild.
For more information please contact me.

Maximum eight students.

July 17-23

  • Fire by friction
  • Cordage from plant and animal fiber
  • Basic tools from stone, bone and wood
  • Glues and bindings
  • Burn bowls and utensils
  • Cooking on an open fire
  • Shelter building
  • Plant identification and use 

300 Euros  
October 10-12

Ferme de Fonluc

Les Eyzies

Join us for an amazing 3 day journey around the Vesere valley, visiting prehistoric sites reaching back to Neanderthal times.

Riding, walking and camping with the skills learned in the Basic Skills class and the horses of Fonluc. 

Class size limited to 8
(riding experience preferred, adults only)


Herbert Backhaus
Ferme de Fonluc

October 1st  2015 - May 15th 2016

  • Scheduled classes and set-up
  • Firewood
  • Horse work and maintenance
  • Skiing or snowshoeing
  • Candle making
  • Singing and music
  • Interns must be 21 years or older
  • Have a vehicle and driver's license
  • Be able to run a chainsaw
  • Have experience or strong desire to work with horses
  • Be physically capable and active
  • Be familiar and comfortable in cold snowy winter conditions
  • Provide their own food
  • Have taken a Living Wild class
  • Accommodations are simple with wood heat, no electricity or cell service.
  • Open to 2-3 enthusiastic, hard-working interns for the Winter Season.

(Dates pending)

  • Snow shelters: igloos, trenches, quinzes.
  • Learn how to identify tracks of common regional animals.
  • Learn to stay warm: fire, clothing, food, water.
  • Learn to build and maintain a fire under winter conditions.
  • Learn how to choose fiber for felting, other types of felting fibers and create warm durable Winter clothing.
  • How to prepare high calorie meals

  • Traveling with skis, snowshoes and toboggans.
  • Making light with candles, fat lamps and torches.
  • Telling songs and stories for the dark times.


 (Dates pending)
  • Make a hunting quality 40+lb wooden self bow from seasoned staves
  • Learn how to select and harv
  • est shoots for arrows
  • Bone and stone hunting points
  • Blunt target tips from rawhide
  • Ideal for those who have some wood working experience
  • Class size limited to 6 students


  1. Hey Lynx - this is Katiana, Casey's wife with baby Hazel here. So nice to break rocks with you at Buckeye gathering.
    We are curious about your trips abroad to Europe - I am half Swiss actually and I know of some great places to stay in Switzerland with friends whom used to work with horses... Perhaps we can hook up when you go - we would LOVE to join in your programs!

    Hope all is well~

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  3. Hi Lynx - this is "Strong Bear Medicine". I am writing you from the Mountains of Austria and I am curious about your EU trips, too. I myself spend lots of time in the US, in Montana for several month almost every year to gather with native american friends and people to make cerymonies out in the nature and exchange shamanic healing knowledge. If you are interested to come to Austria, I could offer you and your friends free accomodation in my house and help organize teachings...
    May the Spirits always blow peaceful winds into your heart
    Strong Bear

  4. I am 17 and I have fallen in love with this. Ever since I attended Northwest Youth Corps I've been wanting to live this way of life more and more. It would be a dream to come out there and live under your wing for a short while, and learn the skills to better my self-reliance. I hope to make my soonest travel to Iceland where I can do some WOOFing, but it's just a small step to where I truly want to be in life. Is there any advice you could give me to help me on my journey through life? You seem so knowledgeable and helpful, I'd really appreciate any form of contact. Please contact me! You seem like a true friend and a great spirit.

  5. bonjour. j'ai fait l'acquisition d'un morceau de foret en alsace, en france, a la limite des vosges. J'ai pour projet d'y vivre en autarcie d'ici quelques années, le temps de me préparer. Je souhaiterai savoir si vous organisez des stages de plusieurs semaines, voir plusieurs mois. Cette vie aurait du resté telle quelle, dans la simplicité, l'humilité et l'harmonie avec notre terre mere. j'utilise le pc de mes parents, n'étant pas équipé chez moi, je mettrai donc quelques temps avant de pouvoir vous lire. Puisse votre oeuvre contribuer à revenir vers un monde meilleur. frank ( 35ans )

  6. Hi there, I am Stephanie and live in Switzerland. If you plan to come and make one of your classes here around, would love to participate ! I would really love to do this experience and learn how to live this way. I watched the movie last week and even I was already thinking more and more about learning how to live in such conditions, I have been amazed by what you are doing ! Really, congrats !!! Have lots of respect for persons like you (and they are not that much on this planet ! Bravo !!)
    Keep it updated :-)
    Will be proud to be once in your team

  7. Hi, I live also in Switzerland and saw the documentary about your project at the television. Can you post on blog when you come to Europe? I would be very interested in joining one of your classes.
    Best regards, Benjamin

  8. I will arrive in europe for teaching in March 2014. full schedule is yet to be completed

  9. I would love to talk with you more about the program. Are you ever able to talk via phone? You can contact me at zack@michaelgroupltd.com

  10. So proud to have my little video on your website ;-) Thanks a lot Lynx...

  11. hi Lynx. great inspiration,.. for the last 2 years,.. I've had you on the back of my mind,.. and yes, i think now its time. i saw your year project, and i have a call to join in. for that, first i saw the month of food harvesting course and the skill preparation. i am looking forward.. where can i contact to reserve a place? email: nitro62@hotmail.com
    blessings and thank u.

  12. Dear Lynx, im Julian, I live in los angeles, me and my wife was wondering if we can take a classes for a week with our little girl ??? she is 5 months old. we love what you do ;) julian41ofakind@yahoo.com

  13. Hi! I would love to join you for a week or more, but... WHY IS IT SO EXPENSIVE??? 700$ for one week?? i understand we sleep outside so no need to pay for accomodation, we hunt and pick plants for food so no need for money for that either... Going back to nature and to simple life doesn't it involve simplicity about money too?? I totaly understand that lynx wants to make a living out of it as she doesn't live stone age style all year long, but really, i don't understand this exorbitant price