Classes and Immersion Programs 2019

Classes and Immersion Programs 2019

Les Eyzies Mini Immersion - Spring 2018 from Lynx Vilden on Vimeo.


Intensive classes are just that! 
All the Basic skills classes include;
Fire making
Stone tools
and cordage making 
with the addition of specialized skills that will build your relationship to the land around you.
Class starts at noon on the first day and there will be an introduction that evening after dinner. Students are welcome to arrive anytime afternoon to set up their personal camp and wander around the site.
Class ends at 4.00pm on the last day, students can spend the night and plan their travel for the following morning.
A gear list and details for how to get to the class will be sent after receiving a $200 (or 200 Euro) deposit.
No two intensive classes are ever the same, they differ in season, circumstance and group dynamic.
To reserve a place in a Living Wild Intensive Class please contact or the specific class coordinator.

Photo credit:Thomas Schafer

Immersions are for those people who have more time and really want to experience living the lifestyle. Families and children are welcome and we love to create the atmosphere of a village that diverse ages bring. However its important to understand that depending on the immersion location, parents will need a greater commitment to participate in all activities with their children. 
Classes are held for one week, then we have one week off during which we have time to reflect on the teachings and explore our inner and outer environments.
While  skills are a major element in the program, much attention is given to creating and nurturing community. During the reflection weeks there is always much to do, continuing projects or enjoying the surrounding wilderness.
In an Immersion experience, meals are NOT included (unless specified) We determine a system that accommodates everyone's eating preferences and then meals are usually purchased, cooked and shared together on a 'cooking rotation basis'

It is usually a pre-requisite to take a Living Wild Basic Skills or other 7 day intensive class before applying to an immersion program.
Application available upon request.

Projects are focused on Stone Age Technologies (with some exceptions) and offered to invited graduates of Immersion Classes and past Project Participants. The Participants must bring their own wild foods and primitive gear to be eligible. Our focus is to live in community in a primitive setting while sharing our knowledge and experience. 

One Month Mini Immersion 

Twisp, WA, USA
April 15 - May 15
($1500 USD)


There is no prerequisite requirement for this class, the first few days we will work on the basic skills of stone tool manufacture and use, fire making by friction and cordage and bindings. 
If you have not taken a class with Lynx before please ask for an application. 

For one whole month we will live as a tribe in the foothills of the North Cascades.

We will learn and practice a wide variety of hunting skills with both archery and trapping techniques then focus on the thanksgiving and preparation of the animals whose lives will sustain us. No animals will actually be hunted, we focus on techniques and will practice processing methods on domestic animals.

Spring time is root time. We will explore the nuances of identification, sustainable harvest, cooking and preservation of a variety of edible and medicinal plants. 

Part of the course will be held at Skalitude Retreat Center where we will partner with Benjamin Pixie and learn the magical alchemy of herbalism, plant medicine making and potions.

We will make Stone Age tools and apply them in a practical sense to give you the knowledge and skills for a wide variety of uses such as fire kits, digging sticks and drying racks.

Wild edible plants
Medicinal Plants
Quick bows 
Arrow making
Awareness exercises
Hunting techniques

Small animal processing
Fat rendering
Stone tools
Friction fire

Cordage and bindings
Singing, drumming and
story telling

Please note! 

Although we will be gathering and preparing wild foods in this class, meals are NOT included in this immersion, we advise students to bring approximately $10 per day for food, which will be purchased, cooked and served twice a day in designated food groups in addition to the wild foods that we prepare.

It is preferable for students wishing to participate in immersions to have the basic skills of fire making, stone tool making, cordage, bindings and some edible plant knowledge before registering. Students will be selected through an application process. 
For more information contact: livingwildinfo@ 

Basic Skills
Intensive  (FULL)
Les Eyzies, FRANCE
600 Euros 
(June 1-7)

contact: Isabelle

In the ancient setting of the long inhabited caves of the Vesere Valley we will harvest the bounty of the Spring season. 

Other skills include:Friction fire making
Stone tools
Hunting techniques
Trapping methods
Atl-atl making
Cordage and bindings
Spring wild foods
Burn bowls and spoons
Story telling
Music and singing

Two meals are served each day (they are paleo diet based from high quality wild, local or organic 
ingredients) Students should bring snack lunches.

3 Day Horse Trip
Les Eyzies, FRANCE 2018
345 Euros
(June 9-11)

Contact: Herbert Backhaus
Ferme de Fonluc
24620 Les Eyzies de Tayac
Dordogne, France
Tel.0033- (0)-553-353006

Continue exploring the valley from the back of one of Fonluc's horses, through hardwood forests and prehistoric sites.

These days are spent largely in the saddle covering 20-30 kms per day at varying paces including gallop. participants must have experience horse riding.

Herbert Backhaus, an avid prehistorian has been running horse riding in the Vesere valley for 20 years. Together with him as our guide we will learn his special techniques of horse language and discover secrets of the ancient inhabitants of the Vezere valley. 

This adventure is not focused on skills though we will have the opportunity to make friction fire and gather a few seasonal wild foods to augment our provided and delicious meals.

We will sleep out two nights in the forest or in the shelter of a prehistoric cave. Includes two meals per day and a picnic lunch.


Mountain Wander 
Rosazza, ITALY
600 Euros 
(June 20-26) Contact: Roberta Mosca

Back in the beautiful alpine location of Northern Italy we will learn and practice the Basic Skills and techniques applicable to this environment.

Stone tools
Friction fire
Percussion fire
Cordage and bindings
Alpine wild foods
Eating utensils
Primitive cooking techniques
Mountain travel

While we will start our adventure at a base camp located a half hour from the village of Rosazza, this class includes traveling at high altitude and some days of moderate hiking.

Two meals are served each day (they are paleo diet based from high quality wild, local or organic ingredients) Students should bring snack lunches.