Past Projects and Testimonials

 Projects 2001 through 2015

Through several months of classes and prep work, students learn a broad range of wilderness survival and living skills. They tan hides and make their own clothes, felt their own blankets from raw wool, manufacture burden baskets, and make gourd canteens and containers and clay cooking pots. They make their own primitive fishing, trapping, and hunting gear, harvest wild edible plants and process wild meat, and they learn primitive methods of fire-starting.

 When the classes are all done, and the students have created a full set of Stone Age gear, then they may be invited to participate in a free, extended Stone Age Living Project - spending weeks or months living the way our ancestors lived. 

TWISP RIVER         
                       WA 2015                                                                   

WA 2014
A prayer for rain

WA 2013 
A discovery of self in nature 

WA 2012
A hunting and fishing project in the high country

ID 2011
A hunting project

The making of LIVING WILD - 
A film by Eric Valli

WA 2010

A high country traveling project

Photographer Eric Valli published the journey in: Rencontres Hors du Temps Oct. 2011

WA 2009
A fishing project

WA 2007
A pine nut harvesting project

                                                                                                    NOMAD SUMMER
                                                                                                   NM 2005

desert and mountain wandering project

 MT 2004

A boat building and river transportation project

MT 2003
A hunting project

Making of documentary film: Back into the Stone Age
By Lynx Vilden and Tyler Witbrod

MT 2001

In the summer of 2001, the Kootenai River Project began the Stone Age Living Series, with a two-month long berry camp. which was documented in the Bulletin of Primitive Technology.


The "classroom"

"A relaxed, positive attitude, thank you for a great time and introducing me to a lot of skills that I have never done before."
-L.G. (Denmark) Basic Skills class 2012

"Thank you so much for a wonderful, life-building, life-changing experience. This time has been so valuable to me on so many levels. The full circle of learning about and experiencing wild plants as food."
-M.K. Wild Edible Plants class 2012

"The most enjoyable aspect of this class was to feel connected with life and all other living creatures, with gratitude for its gifts because it allows us to exist and survive"
-S.G. (Switzerland) Animal processing class 2012

"I love this school! This is the best school! I've been waiting for 10 years to find something like this." - R.B. Participant in the 2009 project.

"Lynx is the best teacher I've ever had. I don't know anyone else who has her knowledge and experience in primitive living skills and who teaches with such patience, kindness, and passion. Mostly, I like the fact that she never sits around while giving us tasks to do; she is always there doing whatever we're doing with us and we can model ourselves on her. There is no doubt in my mind that in the future there will be legends told of a mystical Lynx who inspired human beings to reconnect with the earth by recovering ancestral skills. The future generations will be thankful, just as I am."

-X. de la F. (France) Participant in the 2009 project.

 Lynx is an amazing teacher. Her insightfulness and practice with primitive technology is more than I expected. She uses our ancestors' knowledge and applies it to her everyday living. Her method to educate in a very hands-on, detailed, wilderness classroom, is highly recommended for anybody pursuing self-sufficiency and/or primitive living skills."

-K.S. Participant in the 2009 project.


"It was truly an amazing experience. Everything we learned was hands-on so I really felt like I got to learn the skills in a practical way so I can replicate them anytime I want. This was an experience I'll never forget."
-A.C. Participant in the 2009 Basic Skills class.

"It doesn't get much better than this"
- K.S. Participant in 2007 classes.
"Thank you for teaching me wondrous things that I will carry with me. I leave with a full cup, a head full of wild ideas and inspiration, and a heavy heart. Many thanks for imparting knowledge of these endangered arts with lots of style and infinite patience."
- F.S. Participant in the 2007 project.
"Thanks Lynx for providing a much needed renaissance of old skills. You have been quite an inspiration and done a very valuable thing this summer."
-D.R. Local and old skills enthusiast.

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