The Team

All of the experiences here at Living Wild School are made possible by our fantastic group of interns, guest teachers and past students. We try to build a community that will continue to interact as the years go on. Here are some of the crew, to give an idea of the learning environment we create.

Lynx Vilden

Head instructor and school founder

Lynx Vilden has traveled, explored, and researched the nature and traditional cultures of arctic, mountain, and desert regions from Hudson Bay to the Kalahari Desert. She emerged from her first sweat lodge ceremony in 1989 with the realization of the calling back to the Earth, learning, sharing, and teaching the old ways. She has been practicing and teaching primitive living skills with passion both in the US and in Europe since 1991. Instructor at Boulder Outdoor Survival School in Utah for several years she has taught workshops at primitive skills gatherings, including Rabbitstick and Winter Count. She's contributed regularly to the American publication Bulletin of Primitive Technology. She's lived in a Sami village in Scandinavia and has lived and studied in the desert Southwest of Arizona and New Mexico, the Rocky Mountains of Montana, and the North Cascades of Washington.
In 2001 she started the Four Seasons Prehistoric Projects program dedicated to sharing the ancient skills of primitive living. Her goal is to form a group prepared to live for a full year in a Stone Age living experiment.

Klara Shepherd 
Administrator and US coordinator

"Having grown up watching my mother (Lynx) teach and use these skills, I am happy to see her creating Living Wild as the ultimate example of a lifestyle both sustainable, and with a powerful respect to the ancestral skills. I am happy to be able to help with the technical side of things so that Lynx can carry on doing what she does best: teaching skills and living as an example."
How do you utilize the skills that are taught here in your everyday life?
"I try to live a sustainable life even in the mainstream world, and because of my experiences with Immersion Projects and Living Wild I feel as though I am able to transition between modernity and living close to the land with an ease that are becoming uncommon in our modern world." 

Kaan Oral 

Affiliated Specialist Instructor
Since age 14 Kaan has been dedicated to living in the wild and leading others toward a simpler lifestyle.

Stephane Gremaud 

Assistant instructor 

Jane Robertson 

Assistant instructor

  Living Wild School draws specialists in many prehistoric living skills, who will often come and collaborate with Lynx to teach a class within their specialty. 

Katie Russell 

Affiliated Specialist Instructor

What is different about Living Wild School?
"It is an amazing opportunity to go deeper into wilderness living skills that both beginners and people who have been working with the skills for a long time can get a lot out of. There are lots of Wilderness Schools out there, but nobody else is getting so in depth to the primitive skills aspects.
I love seeing each years students wearing deerskins that I skinned and helped them learn to process."
What draws you to the Immersion Program?
"I read Clan of the Cave Bear, moved to Washington and wanted to learn from Lynx. I had been dabbling in skills since I was a little girl and it felt like the right time to get serious about it."
How do you utilize the skills that are taught here in your everyday life?
"I wear buckskin nearly every day; I love to create wearable art. I am enjoying making a living leading the Wilderbabe Lifestyle!"

Kiliii Fish 
Affiliated Specialist Instructor


Kiliii first joined the Living Wild Projects in 2003, 2004 and 2014.
He is an accomplished kayak builder, hunter and photographer (amongst many other things!)

Roberta Mosca 
         (Italian coordinator)                  



 Herbert Backhaus 
Horse riding guide

Isabelle Lencement
(french coordinator)



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  4. Is this team going to go out again? If so, I'd love to be a part of it. I've been looking for something exactly like this to join.

  5. I've just watched a documentary on Lynx.
    I would just like to say your amazing. I would absolutely love to live how you do.
    Good luck with the future. Xxx

  6. Just watched the programme also. Amazing way of life and the skills you all teach are so cool! Hopefully one day I'll be able to do something similar ☺

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