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Ocean to mountain phase II
July 7-August 31, 2020 $3,500USD

  • Kayak building

  • Coastal foraging; shellfish and seaweeds

  • Fishing skills

  • Moccasin making

  • Buckskin clothing

  • Felt blankets

  • This second phase of the immersion is open both to participants of phase 1 and participants who have already taken Living Wild classes or have the skills outlined in phase 1.

Is is important to note that you will not be eligible for the Stone Age month in September unless you have the pre-requisite gear list outlined below.

This phase will start on the Pacific coast on San Juan Island where we will spend the first 10 days preparing for and building traditional style sea kayaks with boat builder Kiliii Yuan.

"It's now 4,000 years after invention of the kayak, and we humans are still enthralled by the technology of the skin-on-frame kayak. The earliest kayaks were from the Arctic and sub-Arctic, built from driftwood and covered in the skins of marine mammals. Today, traditional kayaks have made a comeback and revolutionized modern kayaking.

Kiliii and Seawolf Kayak have led the modern resurgence of traditional kayak building over the past twenty years, piecing together the knowledge of elders from kayak communities and combining it with modern designs. Today, Seawolf offers workshops in modern skin-on-frame kayak building that allow builders with no experience to create finished seaworthy vessels in 9 days. Seawolf’s kayaks have been built by paddlers around the world, and used to expedition through many of the its most difficult paddles.

Workshops begin with just wood, and end in completed kayaks and paddles. Join us and create a traditional, ultralight kayak with your own hands.”

Each person may build their own kayak that is theirs to take with them at the conclusion of the course. (There is also the option to bring your own kayak for 10 days thereby reducing the cost of the course by $1500) But once you see the kayaks that Killiii builds you probably won’t want to!

Once the kayaks and paddles are complete you will have instruction on how to safely and efficiently maneuver your vessel in the water, learn the kayak roll and then we will learn some fishing techniques that we can apply to both seawater and fresh water environments.

We will learn about the waters, tides and inhabitants of the Puget Sound area; coastal foraging skills harvesting shell fish and seaweeds, preparing and preserving them for the Stone Age project.

During this phase we will also be focusing on turning our tanned hides from phase 1 into functional and durable moccasins and clothing.

The final project before the trek back into the mountains will be making a warm felted blanket to complete your Stone Age gear.

Photo Credit : Kiliii Yuyan

Photo Credit : Kiliii Yuyan

September 1-30
Ocean to Mountain Stone Age Project
Free (invitation only)

Pre-requisite gear list:

  • Stone knife and blades

  • Bone awl and needle

  • 100 feet of plant fiber cordage

  • Bow drill fire kit

  • Pitch glue stick

  • Buckskin or bark tanned clothing:

  • (Under layer, sleeved shirt or dress, long pants or leggings,)

  • High top moccasins

  • Rawhide sandals

  • Fur or felted vest

  • Sleeping gear:

  • Hair on robe or felt blanket

  • Skin sleeping pad

  • Stone Age hunting weapon or fishing tackle

  • Water vessel

  • Pack basket or skin back pack

  • Clay cooking pot

Minimum of:

1 lb dried wild plant foods

1 lb dried wild meat or fish

1 lb rendered animal fat

Please contact:
for an application

Earlier Event: April 1