2019 & 2020 Classes & Immersions

to Oct 24


Twisp Washington - Week long basic skills intensive

A return to the mountains of the North Cascades in Washington State to learn the Basic skills while the golden Fall colors and crisp mornings invigorate our days!

to Feb 9


10 days in the arctic - Jokkmokk Winter Intensive, culminating in centuries old traditional Sami Market

In the first days we will dive into the traditional skills. Several hours each day will be dedicated to crafting and learning, both indoors and out.

The last 3 days will be market days you can spend your time leisurely experiencing the Sami culture and getting acclimatized.

to Jun 20


Mountain to Ocean US Summer 2020 Immersion

During this intensive start we will learn basic Stone tool manufacture and usage, fire by friction using bow drill and hand drill techniques, percussion fire making methods, cordage making from plant and animal sources, glues, fillers and bindings. We will explore fire as a tool to create burn bowls and eating utensils. Although the application of stone tools will be the focus for our crafting we will also be sure to learn the correct and safe knife, axe and saw uses, sharpening and maintenance to give you a good foundation with metal hand tools.

Contact Living Wild

Please read up on the class you are interested in taking so that you can ask for specific information, or request to register. While we try to get back to everyone within two weeks, we do not always have access to emails and appreciate your patience.


Intensive classes are just that!

All the Basic skills classes include; fire making, stone tools and cordage making with the addition of specialized skills that will build your relationship to the land around you. No two intensive classes are ever the same, they differ in season, circumstance and group dynamic.

Unless otherwise specified, class starts at noon on the first day and there will be an introduction that evening after dinner. Students are welcome to arrive anytime during the day to set up their personal camp and wander around the site.

Class ends at 4.00pm on the last day, students can spend the night and plan their travel for the following morning.

A gear list and details for how to get to the class will be sent after receiving a $200 (or 200 Euro) deposit, or when the class fills.

To reserve a place in a Living Wild Intensive Class please contact or the specific class coordinator.


It is usually a pre-requisite to take a Living Wild Basic Skills or other 7 day intensive class before applying to an immersion program.

Immersions are for those who have more time and really want to experience living the lifestyle. Families and children are welcome and we love to create the atmosphere of a village that diverse ages bring. However it is important to understand that depending on the immersion location, parents will need a greater commitment to participate in all activities with their children.
Classes are held for one week, then we have one week off during which we have time to reflect on the teachings and explore our inner and outer environments.
While skills are a major element in the program, much attention is given to creating and nurturing community. During the reflection weeks there is always much to do, continuing projects or enjoying the surrounding wilderness.
In an Immersion experience, meals are NOT included (unless specified) We determine a system that accommodates everyone's eating preferences and then meals are usually purchased, cooked and shared together on a 'cooking rotation basis.'


Projects are focused on Stone Age Technologies (with some exceptions) and offered to invited graduates of Immersion Classes and past Project Participants. The Participants must bring their own wild foods and primitive gear to be eligible. Our focus is to live in community in a primitive setting while sharing our knowledge and experience.