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Klara-Marie Schulke

A past Living Wild Student, assistant and Immersion participant, Klara grew up on a peninsula in the baltic sea in the north of Germany. When she was 19 years old, she started to learn about wilderness skills and shortly after began teaching them.

For 12 years, she lived several times in the wilderness from 1 month up to a year
and participated in a horse back riding to cross the Andes from Chile to
Argentina. She also has the german hunting license, is a certified tracker (Cybertracker
International, Track & Sign Level III), certified wilderness guide and Field guide
(Field Guide Association of Southern Africa). She visited different Wilderness schools
around the world.

Klara is the founder and organizer of the wilderness school called "'WegWeiser Wildnis''
in Germany. She has developed different year long classes and projects to accompany
people seeking to deepen their connection with nature. One main part of her wilderness
school is to pass on the different methods of hide tanning with natural materials, buckskin clothing making for the modern – and the wilderness world, as the same with self made gear and taking
people out into nature. Her intention is to connect both worlds – the ancient and the modern world – so that it can enrich people's daily life and routines.
She also teaches at different wilderness schools and institutions in Germany and is networking with them in Germany, Europe and the world.

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Jane Robertson & Jessie Watson Brown

Jane first studied with Lynx in 2014 where they became close friends and began collaborating on courses and immersions around Europe.
Jane lives at the end of a track in the beautiful hills of Mid Wales and runs camps with teenagers out in wild places of the UK and Europe, hoping that the power and therapeutic miracles of nature will inspire the teenagers involved to stand up and act for the future, whilst falling in love with the earth.

For some years now Jane and Jessie Watson Brown have been working together teaching hide tanning and other primitive skills. They run lively, in depth hide camps which are growing in success year by year, as well as one to one tuition in brain tanning and bark tanning.
See their website for hide camp dates and more details

Thomas J Elpel

Thomas J. Elpel is a past skilled participant of several Living Wild projects as well as the founder and director of Green University LLC and Outdoor Wilderness Living School LLC (OWLS). He is the author of numerous books on wilderness survival, botany, and sustainable living, including the best-selling Botany in a Day: The Patterns Method of Plant Identification.

“Primitive living is a metaphor we participate in and act out. Life is simplified down to the bare essentials: physical and mental well-being, shelter, warmth, clothing, water, and food. We go on an expedition to meet those needs with little more than our bare hands. In our quest we learn to observe, to think, to reach inside ourselves for new resources for dealing with challenging and unfamiliar situations. We build up our personal strengths, and at the same time we interact with and learn about the world around us. In a story we can only join a quest in our imaginations. But in primitive living, we physically leave the contemporary world. We journey into the world of Stone Age skills, and we return with knowledge, wisdom, and strength to enrich our lives in contemporary society.”

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